You've stumbled upon an old Anguilla-related website. 

This website is no longer creating new content, but here are some other sources for Anguilla info:

- The Trip Advisor Anguilla Forum:

- There are a variety of Anguilla-related Groups for Travelers on Facebook, such as: Anguilla-Beaches (hosted by Nori), Anguilla for Tourists (hosted by Simona), and Anguilla Connoisseurs (hosted by Michael)

I used to photograph, write, and release a complimentary guide on this website each year based on real-life guest experiences, but after the effects of Hurricane Irma, the guide photography and related details are now dated and will not be updated. If you'd like to browse the 2017 version, you can download it by clicking here: The download may take 10+ minutes due to the large photo file sizes. It is hosted on DropBox, but you do not have to have a DropBox account to view and download. At the bottom of the DropBox window, click "no thanks, continue to view" to avoid sign-in; if you are on a mobile device, click the icon in the top right corner of the DropBox window to download the PDF.

The old Instagram account will eventually be deleted as well, but until then, you can see old photos at

Happy Travels to you and yours!