With a background and love of the hospitality industry, you can expect extreme attention to detail and high standards reflected in The Best in Anguilla Guide. It is not an exhaustive compilation of island options, but rather a carefully curated selection of the best places to stay, eat, and experience based on real-life tourist experiences. The pages reflect our hunt for distinctive establishments with a track record of satisfied guests, comfortable beds, luxurious and clean surroundings, gracious hospitality, and delicious fare. There are no stock photos, no paid advertisements, and no commissions. This is simply shared information by tourists, for tourists - in hopes that it leads to your own memorable getaway. And if you find any of the information helpful, please consider paying it forward by making a donation to the Arijah Foundation, one of the island's charitable non-profits which benefits children with special needs. Or, if you have extra room in your luggage, you may want to participate in the foundation's A Voice of My Own project: "...in which we invite you to help us give a child who cannot speak a voice of their own. Donate a used or new ipad and we will teach a child who cannot speak to use the ipad to be their voice. We will also train the child’s family and teachers so the child will have a network of support wherever they go."